Karine Arshakyan 973-563-6893 Studio I See You www.eurekaartnj.com

Certified Art & Special Ed. Teacher | Art Therapist | Neurographica Specialist | Life Coach & Mentor | Holistic Healer | Energy Healer with “Co-Heal International” Founded by Dr Joe Dispenza | Support Group Host for “Meaningful World” Nonprofit Organization Founded by Dr. Ani Kalayjian | Breathing Techniques & Meditation Facilitator

Ryna (Karine) Arshakyan was born in Armenia and immigrated to the U.S. in 2001. She is actively involved in the practice and promotion of various techniques geared towards personal and spiritual growth. Her work with all age groups from art therapy, life coaching to holistic healing and meditation spans over three decades and includes international workshops, holistic retreats, online and in person art therapy, neurographica group and private sessions. Being a regular member of intensive retreats and “expeditions” with Wim Hoff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “A Year of Miracle” with Dr. Sue Morter are just a few of Ryna’s involvements. Ryna’s YouTube channel, I See You is where she explores the ‘substance’ of happiness and health while guiding her viewers to shift their mindset to be in tune with their innermost desires. Ryna has incredible experiences related to health, drastic changes in her life and how to cope with it all through meditation, neurogaphica practices and breath-work. After an extremely severe case of Covid in 2021 she managed to fully recover within 10 days without any side effects. In addition to her professional work she is a proud mother of four daughters all of whom are successful artists in the world of music and visual arts. Ryna’s hobbies include dancing, hiking, cooking, collecting vases and jars from different countries, traveling, biking and making home remedies. She believes that one day humanity will become more conscious and soulful, making the world a better place for all.

2024 Thailand

2023 Workshops and Excursions

Quito, Ecuador Summer 2022

In Barcelona ‘Summer Expedition’ with Wim Hoff

Ho’oponopono Hawaii Spiritual Ritual

Joe Dispenza “Ripple Effect” Intense Week Retreat in Cancun

Dr. Sue Morter