Ages 3-5

Imagine, Question, Reason, and Express with Art

Special Art Program For children ages 3-13. (Grades 3-5, 6-8 & 9-13)

Give your child a chance to experience self-growth and learning and to accumulate self-esteem through art. Each child’s art work is a sincere and honest story about one’s feelings and life. Build a “bridge” between the conscious and unconscious mind. Children will be able to develop socially and emotionally while learning simple art techniques in a recreational atmosphere. The classes are inviting and are an outlet for stress, anxiety and anger even for shy and introverted participants. This program will expose your child to a variety of art forms and concepts, with a special emphasis on a child’s need to go beyond reproducing external reality and bring to light the inner world of the individual. This program dedicates itself to helping children in creative expression, stimulating the imagination, and developing observational skills. It challenges children to discover their unique manner of self-expression as well as their ability to analyze and reason. A child becomes aware of his or her unlimited abilities, which employs a positive mind-set. Improvisation is a big part of every class.