Art Therapy & Neurographica

Regular sessions with a counsellor can be helpful in addressing issues from our past. Overcoming problems from our past enables us to be in the present. Art therapy & Neurographica can help us build a strong foundation, plant seeds today to harvest in our future and thus create our own destiny.    Our daily habits are so powerful that it is difficult for some of us to answer the simple question “what do I want?” Our brain is overwhelmed with huge amounts of thoughts and memories that cross our mind every second of every day. Drawing during art therapy/Neurographica sessions helps keep our attention and thoughts on a particular area of interest for a much longer period of time than talking alone. Drawing is not a replacement but an addition to words which we use to express ourselves during sessions. Images which we create are associated with words we use. The physical action of drawing is mentally soothing and requires no artistic talent to be used as a method of relaxation, focus and discovery. Art therapy and neurographica offers an opportunity to build a stronger future for ourselves by drawing, thinking, talking and feeling simultaneously. You can join us! It is a perfect opportunity to combine therapeutic activity and create your original art using the Neurographica technique! Neurographica will help you to :
  • Manage stress
  • Resolve fear and anxiety
  • Generate elevated emotions
  • Develop inner freedom
  • Build self-esteem
  • Leave with inspiration
  • Remove distractive beliefs
  • Get rid of “victim” mentality
  • Develop better relationship with your self

Sessions & Workshops