Life Coach

  Dear friends and everyone! We all face a lot of challenges and uncertainties in these difficult times.  Our brain is overwhelmed with huge amounts of information every second. Negative thinking becomes our subconscious state of mind. With each positive thought we think 7 negative, without even being aware of it. It is difficult for some of us to answer the simple question “what do I want? ” while we will easily describe many things we don’t want . How to move to that secret state of awareness that will change our belief system? The new and unique realm of art therapy offers solutions to complicated problems. Neurographica can truly liberate us and help us to enjoy each day of our lives as free people, aware of all the resources and possibilities surrounding us. The awareness of the endless resources we are surrounded with is a great power for transforming our mind. Our thoughts are always integrated with images, and art therapy helps to explore these thoughts through imagery and leads to transformation of negative thoughts to constructive energy and solutions.  Nuerographica along with breathing techniques and couching help to build a strong foundation, plant seeds today to harvest in the future and resolve the issues that keep us locked in fear and hopelessness. Drawing during art therapy sessions helps to keep our attention and thoughts on a particular area of interest for a much longer period of time than talking alone. Drawing is not a replacement but an addition to words which we use to express ourselves. Images which we create are associated with words we use. The physical action of drawing is mentally soothing and requires no artistic talent to be used as a method of relaxation and removal of subconscious destructive beliefs. It is an opportunity to build a stronger future by drawing, thinking, talking, breathing and feeling, simultaneously. This practice will help you to overcome: Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression like symptoms, Anger issues, and Hyperactivity.